...Rood was I reared. I lifted a mighty King, Lord of the heavens, dared not to bend. With dark nails they drove me through: on me those sores are seen, open malice-wounds. I dared not scathe anyone.

Extract from the Dream of the Rood

Regia Anglorum Websites

United Kingdom

Main Regia Web Site

Wychurst Project Web Site

Cestrescire (Cheshire & South Manchester)

Conroi de Vey (Nottingham)

Westcentingas (Kent)

Wirhalh Skip-Felag (The Wirral)

Y Cantref Breiniol (Cardiff)

North America

Micel Folcland (Wisconsin, Illinois & Indiana)

Westmearc (Washington State & Oregon)

Wynmerestow (Ontario)

Many other groups exist that do not have their own websites, please see
www.regia.org for details

Other Societies and Our Friends

Mel Butler - Photographer who did the Derventio shoot for us

Wulfingas - Another group that many of Cestrefeld also belong to, portraying the period 450 - 550 AD


Aidan Campbell - Fabric and Reproductions

Ana Period Shoes - Machine and Hand sewn authentic shoes

Anglo Saxon Books - Wide assortment of reference books about the period

Armour Class - Blunt re-enactment swords

Asgard Crafts - Reproduction Jewelry and Horn / Bone items

Bear Claw Traders - Knives, Helmets and Reindeer skins

Bodgers Farm Pottery - Recreation pottery and pottery based on period finds

Cap - a - Pie - Mail Armour

Daegrad Tools - Reproduction tools

Danegeld - Wide variety of Viking Age goodies

Get Dressed for Battle - Armour and Helmets

Gothic Green Oak - Reproduction games

Gripping Beast - Produce a range of 28mm Wargames Figures from our period

Heron Armoury - Weapons and Helmets

Herts Fabrics - Fabrics

International Living History Fair - A good place to buy your shiny bits

Jelling Dragon - Wide variety of Viking Age goodies

Kovex - Swords, Helmets etc.

Mercia Sveiter (Druid) - Wide variety of Viking Age goodies

The Original Re-enactors Market - A good place to buy your shiny bits

Patrick Barta - Swordsmith making pattern welded recreations

Paul Binns - Weapons and Helmets

Paul Meekins - Books

Shields Plus - Shields and shoes

Skirmish Magazine - Magazine for re-enactors of all periods

Sweetness & Light - Period Candles, beeswax and other supplies

Tillerman Beads - Reproduction beads

Time Warrior - Shields, shoes, helmets etc.

Tod's Stuff - Museum quality reproductions

Trinity Court Pottery - Reproduction pottery

Viking Crafts - Wide variety of Viking Age goodies

Useful Links

The Viking Answer Lady

Viking History (ArkeoDok)

The English Companions

Electronic Introduction to Old English

Local Places of Interest

Derby Museum and Art Gallery

Jewry Wall Museum Leicester

The Staffordshire Hoard

St. Marys & St. Hardulphs Church - Breedon on the Hill

St. Marys Church - Wirksworth

St. Wystans Church - Repton

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Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History

Regia Anglorum was a term used by early English writers to describe the English state. It means 'The Kingdoms of the English'. In a twenty first century context Regia Anglorum is an international society with many independent local groups in the UK, from Scotland to the south coast. If you aren't local to Cestrefeld's area please visit the Regia Anglorum website to find your local group.