First my lord forsook his family, for the tossing waves; I fretted at dawn, as to where in the world my lord might be. In my sorrow I set out then, a friendless wanderer, to search for my man.

Extract from the Wife's Lament

Membership is open to all, however under 16s must be accompanied by a guardian. Full membership currently costs £20.00 a year and runs from October to October. If you are interested in joining please contact us or come along to one of Regia's events to see what we do and have a chat.

The initial kit needed is relatively cheap and even easy to make yourself. We regularly have group kit making sessions where we all get together and help out.
All members who wish to take part in battle re-enactments have to take a test before they are allowed on the field - not to see how good you are just to ensure everyone remains safe. All warriors start out with a spear and shield, the basic weapons of the period. Once proficiency with these has been proven you may move on to learn other weapons such as sword and axe. In the 21st Century of course our female members can fight, although as there is no evidence of them fighting in the battles of the period we do ask that they don a male disguise.
Of course you don't have to fight; there are many other
roles, both male and female, on the 'Wic' (our authentic encampment at events).
Regia Anglorum is a very family friendly society, several of our adult members have grown up with us and there are many children at shows. They cannot take part in battle re-enactments until the age of 16, but there is still plenty to keep them occupied!

Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History

Regia Anglorum was a term used by early English writers to describe the English state. It means 'The Kingdoms of the English'. In a twenty first century context Regia Anglorum is an international society with many independent local groups in the UK, from Scotland to the south coast. If you aren't local to Cestrefeld's area please visit the Regia Anglorum website to find your local group.